Back to Earth Spray

Small often takes part in really exciting and wild play. Zooming around the room or leaping all over my bed. Sometimes there are other adults involved too and everyone is really giddy. For us the play is usually set in outer space. Sometimes everyone is too tired and we come crashing back to earth with a bump. That can mean some really big emotions, which are fine, but life is easier if we learn some strategies to manage those emotions. We need to learn to do a slightly safer landing. 

What you’ll need

  • A small empty spray bottle
  • Water
  • Aromatherapy oils (We chose lavender, Ylang Ylang and orange)
  • Stickers (We chose space stickers)


  1. Fill the bottle up with water
  2. Add the essential oils. We went for around ten drops of each oil. I wouldn’t use more than thirty in total
  3. Decorate with stickers
  4. When play gets giddy whip out the spray bottle
  5. Spray the air around you and your small
  6. Sniff!


Back to Earth Spray works for lots of reasons. Firstly because it’s called ‘Back to Earth’ spray, and our play is normally set in space, bringing it out can be a continuation of the play. That means Small doesn’t think of it as an intrusion. It’s also quite an interesting object. Small is interested to find out how the bottle works which means his attention is diverted and his brain is switch on. Lastly it’s the aromatherapy oils. I don’t actually know if they work as a therapy but I know we enjoy the smells and that they remind us of other calm or pleasant experiences we’ve had. It’s the breath of fresh air we need and prompts us to take a break before we’re too tired.

In the long run I’m hoping to add lots of things to Small’s self care and self regulation tool kit. I hope he’ll feel able to understand how his emotions work and what they’re useful for. I hope he’ll be able to manage complicated social situations too. Back to Earth Spray is a little thing but maybe when Small is grown he will have built a habit of enjoying something beautiful, like a smell, or a view, or a song, whenever life gets too much.


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