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One of the things I think about a lot is what it will be like for Small to grow up with the internet as it is now. In the early days of the World Wide Web I remember lots of really exciting and interesting conversations with people who I would have never met otherwise. I think one of the problems with the internet as it is now is that exchange doesn’t happen so often anymore. The social media ‘bubble’ idea is real, or at least it is for me. Social networking websites use algorithms to create a sort of ‘planet me’. It works that way because my view of the world is a part of me and it can be hard when that is challenged. One of the impressive things about human beings though is that we’ve managed over time to create a set of rules that everyone more or less agrees with. I’m pretty sure at least some of that was done through talking to people who have different opinions. For that reason I’m always looking for ways to continue the discussion.

What you’ll need

  • A cause you believe in
  • The leaflets that your cause need to be distributed
  • A neighbourhood


  1. Grab your leaflets and get posting!
  2. Aim to do a few doors every so often and only when you fancy it. No forced labour here
  3. Watch out for dogs, most people have a sign in their windows but if in doubt make sure a grown up does the posting


Small absolutely loves being a postman. There’s so much to love about it! We have so much curiosity about everyone’s front gardens and front doors all slightly different from each other. Each front garden comes with its own set of rules too, is it ok to step on the grass? Why might it not be? Are there pets here? How can you tell? Should we keep the gate shut?

The best bit is how much Small is absolutely sure he’s gifting something wonderful to each and every person behind every door. He is sure everyone will be very happy to see their leaflets. Through this activity we are luxuriating in the joy of giving. We do see people too, lots more people than you would expect especially in the day time. We see friends we met at toddler group and didn’t realise lived so close. We nod and wave and smile and I feel like its a great start to building a sense of community.

Overall I think that leafleting is an excellent way to swap information with people who I might have otherwise not come into contact with it. It’s none threatening, no public speaking, no set times or dates and really easy for Small to join in with. It can’t be controlled with an algorithm!


You can follow the Sprouting Sense Facebook page here: It’s packed full of easy activities, play ideas, recipes and book reviews. 


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