Easy Breezy Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are the most delicious glorious yummy things to make and they’re just so incredibly easy. I first spotted them on this video and I would say that they’re actually even easier than the video makes it look. They make great presents but we also do them for ourselves. It’s just fun! The best bit is there are no complicated or dangerous ingredients, no citric acid, most of the ingredients you can buy in bulk and just keep in your kitchen. 

What you’ll need

  • Two part Bicarbonate of Soda
  • One part Cream of Tartar
  • Food colouring (We went with red)
  • Rose water and orange zest (You can use other scents but I prefer to stay totally taste safe)
  • Vegetable oil
  • A silicon ice cube tray (Probably best to buy one specifically for crafts as they can absorb smells)


  1. Mix together two parts bicarb to one part cream of tartar
  2. Stir in a spoon of food colour (We added quite a lot but still didn’t get much colour in the end)
  3. Stir in a teaspoon of vegetable oil
  4. Grate in some orange zest, careful not to get the juice in or you’ll get a lot of fizz!
  5. Very gently and slowly stir in the rose water. Too much at once will make it fizz up before you’re ready. Stop when you get to a wet sand consistency.
  6. Press it in to your ice cube trays and leave for at least two hours but maybe two days depending on how warm and dry your house is!


The best bit of learning from this came when actually using the bombs in the bath. We learned all about about the word dissolve (or “a-solv-ing” as we like to say). The bath bomb looks like it’s disappearing but actually it’s just dissolved and there are still tiny particles in the bath water. We talked about how some things are too small to see and what things you could do to find out if they were still there. We found that the bath water smelled and tasted slightly differently. All evidence that something remained…

Learning for us can sometimes be a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, we need to have experiences to fit the pieces of knowledge into. Another way I heard someone say it once was that our brains are like wardrobes, if you don’t have the coat hangers of experience in there any learning that you do will fall to the floor like crumpled clothes. The process of bath bomb making and using leads to a whole world of experience with different materials and how they behave. A great continuation of this is to test other taste safe things in the bath. We recently got a whole load of corn starch packaging in the post the worked beautifully!


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