Bird housing

I’ve always been a bit scared of wood work. It seems so totally outside of my experience. Just the thought of going to B&Q brings me out in a cold sweat. I’m pretty sure everyone there would know that I didn’t belong! So I did this activity as much for me as it was for Small. We both need to start dipping our toes into resistant materials.

I started quite ambitiously and found some excellent free plans for every kind of project you can think of, including people houses. But even the most basic plans seemed like they were just a step out of our league. I hunted for a bird house kit instead and I found this which looked like it would be the perfect start for us. We did get to have an explore round B&Q to pick up wood glue and paint so I feel like maybe next time the timber isle is ours! 

What you’ll need

  • A DIY Wooden Bird Box Kit (We got ours here)
  • Wood glue
  • Sand paper
  • Paint and a brush


  1. Follow the instructions in your kit
  2. We swapped hammer and nails for wood glue
  3. Sand off any bumpy bits
  4. Paint


Building a bird house using a DIY kit was really the perfect way for both of us to get into woodwork. Everything was within Small’s abilities so I didn’t have to take over much which I think is always useful for increasing confidence. We’ve started off on a path to learning another process together which in the long run will lead to Small being able to think for himself about which set of skills he needs to apply for any number of things he comes across in life. We’re making some important connections here! The next time we dip our toes in to carpentry I’m going to try cutting up the wood myself and let Small glue the pieces together into his own house shape rather than following instructions. So we’ll be a tiny step closer towards independent joinery! As always, I can’t wait.


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