Story Road

It wasn’t until after I got my first job as graduate that I really realised the importance of story telling. I noticed that there are lots of people that find it easier to share and understand information when it’s in a story. I think I’d preferred short statements up until then. So I’m always looking for ways to practice it and making a Story Road seemed like an ideal way to do that. 

What you’ll need

  • A big long stretch of paper
  • Some felt tip pens


  1. Sketch out a road shape on your long paper
  2. Start to walk along the road with your Small and ask them what you find there
  3. Draw it really fast, don’t worry about it being perfect, you’ll both remember what it is you’ve drawn anyway
  4. Keep going along the road and find more things. We had icy mountains, a giant with two heads, a big small big small monster (my favourite), a lake, a bridge and some ice cream at the end.
  5. When you’ve finished keep walking up and down the road retelling the story to each other.


Story Road is great for developing those all important communication skills. We got the opportunity to draw our thoughts which created a bright visual reminder of the story we told. We were able to actually jump inside the story and explore and retell and add new parts to our hearts content. Retelling a story is also a truly excellent way to practice presenting your ideas and thoughts to other people. It all adds up to more confidence with talking in front of other people.

The best bit about Story Road happened a couple of days later in the park. We found a small patch of mud and Small grabbed a stick and started marking out his own Story Road. Right there in the dirt! My heart soared!


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