Minotaur Maze

Small’s Dad came home with the book An A – Z of Monsters and Magical Beings this week. I was little bit worried that it would be too scary but it was actually really great! It totally captured Smalls imagination. He often pretends to be a monster but now he has a catalogue of magical beings to choose from. We both loved reading about the Minotaur and I also remembered that when I was small I loved mazes. During one of Small’s Minotaur sessions we decided to build our own maze for him to stomp around. 

What you’ll need

  • Duplo
  • Items to hide around the maze (we used bells)
  • Duplo people or other characters
  • A book that features Minotaurs or mazes


  1. Put the wall around the edge of your maze
  2. Build some circles or a spiral
  3. Move the bricks around to make doors or dead ends
  4. Spread out some bits and bobs for your characters to collect in the maze
  5. Move your characters around the maze until they get lost
  6. Stomp around and pretend to be a minotaur and see how quickly your people can find their way out!


Minotaur Maze is just so much fun! There are also so many different ways that we learned from this activity. I think that mostly for us this was about exploring and problem solving.

A maze is a really complicated thing. Here we get to think about the steps we’d need to complete in order to build it. Being able to break a goal down in to manageable chunks is something I’m really keen for Small to learn how to do.

It was great to watch Small consider how the Duplo people would find their way in to and out of the maze. Would they think carefully about it or just wander round?  Coming up with a plan to make sure we explored every part of the maze and find all the treasures was really interesting.

We also enjoyed using our imagination and pretending to be a Minotaur. It definitely improved our acting skills as well as our knowledge of greek myths. Fantastic!


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