Big Building Little Building Biscuit Building

We’ve just a great day out at Manchester Art Gallery. They have an excellent room called the Clore Art Studio. It has loads of massive foam bricks to build with along side a table of small bits to tinker with. It inspired lots of great play. On the way home, because it’s nearly Christmas, we bought a packet of chocolate fingers. Yum! 

What you’ll need

  • Big bricks
  • Little bricks
  • Biscuit fingers


  1. Start building!
  2. Use your imagination, do you need steps or maybe a crane?
  3. Try building the same thing with the other types of bricks
  4. Are the other types of bricks similar? What’s different about them?


Building is a first-class way to develop Thinking skills. This is about Small constructing his own set of skills that he can use for again and again for similar but different problems.

For this task we had to notice what was different about the bricks. Were they soft or heavy or smooth? We used a lot of imagination to envisage what we wanted to build. We had to keep calm when it all fell down. Best of all we found out if the same strategy would work for the different types of bricks.

Someone knocked at my front door half way through biscuit building and by the time I came back they were all gone. I think I learned something there!


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