Rubber bands on a tin

When were were potty training we found that getting your clothes off in a hurry is tricky! So I looked for activities that would help us with hand strength. I found this great idea on Hands on as we grow. It really helped us!

What you’ll need

  • A tin
  • A lot of rubber bands


  1. Sort the elastic bands in to size order
  2. Start with the biggest and put it on to the tin
  3. How small can you go?


Rubber bands on their own are a great sensory experience. They feel a bit funny, stretch nicely and smell weird too!

Putting rubber bands on a tin is great for developing thinking skills. An important thinking skill is being able to use different strategies and approaches to solve similar problems.

For this task we thought about lots of different strategies for getting the bands on to the tin. We tried different fingers, whole hands, one hand holding the tin still and one on the elastic band, and other ways to keep the tin still. We then asked if the same strategy would work with smaller bands. So much to find out.

I kept the elastic bands and the tin on the table for a couple of days so we could keep practicing. It really helped us to develop our problem solving skills and hand strength!


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