The Looking Game

We use the game when we’re waiting. It’s a great way to pass the time if you’re on a bus or at the post office. It’s our version of I Spy, we don’t know very many letters yet, but colours work for us nicely! 

What you’ll need

  • Your Eyes
  • Your Mouth
  • We chose Bury Market for the purposes of the blog (so many bright colours!) but anywhere will do


  1. “I’m looking at something Green”
  2. “Is it… That bush?”
  3. “That bush is green, but it’s not what I’m looking at”
  4. “Can I have a clue?”
  5. “It’s something you’re wearing”
  6. “My jumper!!”


This is a simple word game that uses so many great skills. Careful listening, noticing, talking. Then when we introduce clues the game gets more complicated. It’s easy for Small to follow a clue, especially when I make it easy! But creating his own clue is really challenging. He has to remember what it is he’s looking at and then find a way to describe it that I will understand without giving the game away. Letting other people know what he’s thinking is a massive skill for Small (and everyone!). Games that involve talking are a great way for us to practice it.


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