Space Small World

Galaxy Play Dough and Space Small World is a post on the Imagination Tree website. I really love this website, it just has so much great craft ideas and it’s one I browse through regularly. I’m also aware that I don’t set up Small World scenes very often with Small, so today, I did. 

What you’ll need

  • Galaxy Play Dough
  • Small figures, like Duplo people
  • Tin foil for astronaut hats and space rocks
  • We had some previously made rocket ships too.


  1. Make the dough as per instructions on the Imagination Tree website
  2. Scrunch some tin foil up to make rocks
  3. Put some more tin foil on the heads of your figures
  4. Arrange nicely
  5. Play


I was hoping today that we could use this Small World play scene to trigger a lot of imagination, connect some of our knowledge and skills, and look beyond the play dough to something much bigger. All we saw today was play dough. Honestly I find Small World play quite hard. Often it’s boring for me and I find it difficult to be motivated and engaging. I was hoping to be able to grab a cup of tea and get through it but something just wasn’t right. My guess is that Small World works better in a bigger play room, like at a nursery or in a children’s centre. I think it would be great to have in a room with lots of other play things going on that we could dip in and out of. As it is we have to sit up at the kitchen table for ours and it all feels quite forced. We already have a lot of Small World type toys in the house, like train sets and toy animals. It’s much nicer when the play we do springs from the mind of Small, and we follow his direction and imagination. I’m looking forward to our next trip to the children’s centre though to try our their great play scenes!


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