Anything Goes Cake

I can’t say I found this anywhere, it’s more just a combination of the way I like to cook and the way I like to parent. Sometimes baking is about measuring and sieving and perfecting and sometimes its about a sweet sticky mess! If the mixture turns out really runny it could be pancakes or if its really firm we make biscuits instead. Small always eat things with sugar in so I don’t need to worry about wasted ingredients, apart from what gets tipped on the floor. Anything can be saved with custard. 

What you’ll need

  • Floury things, like wheat flour, buckwheat flour, oats
  • Sticky sloppy things, like oil, butter, mashed fruit, yoghurt
  • Sweet things, sugar, honey, cinnamon, raisons
  • Raising agents, eggs, baking powder
  • Two bowls, two spoons, a cake tin and an oven


  1. Gather a variety of ingredients to choose from
  2. Ask your little one to choose which ingredients they’d like to use for the cake
  3. Ask your little one to choose how much they’d like of each thing too
  4. Mix the wet and dry ingredients in two separate bowls first
  5. Taste as you go
  6. Pour everything in together and have a good stir
  7. Add a few extras until you get a good consistency and taste
  8. Cook on a low heat for a long time and keep checking it for signs of burning
  9. Poke a skewer into the middle to check it’s cooked all the way through
  10. Eat, enjoy, wash up!


I just love Anything Goes Cake! One of the hard bits about Small’s childhood is learning which rules we can bend and break and where we can make our own choices. I love baking because it’s a really safe way for us to be creative and flexible and forget the rules. We invent something new each time, it’s fun and playful but also goes a long way to building confidence.

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