A Poo Hunt

We’ve been doing this for about year now after spotting it when browsing the activities on the Woodland Trust Nature Detectives website. I got my mum to print off the activity sheet (No printer in my house!) and we were off. It turns leaving the house into an exciting game and you can even do it on your walk to the shops. 

What you’ll need

  • A poo ID activity sheet from the Woodland Trust, which you can find here
  • An outside space, we chose Heaton Park, but most urban areas will be fine too!
  • A stick to break the poo up
  • Possibly a magnifying glass but not required
  • Possibly a scrap book or camera to record your finds but not required



  1. Print off the activity sheet
  2. Go outside and try and spot some poos
  3. Using a big stick break up the poo to see what’s inside, hair, bones, grass?


Autumn is possibly the worst time of year for this activity, most of the ground was covered in leaves and the rest had been throughly washed by the rain! So whilst this activity could have been about noticing and sorting, for us today it was more about open ended exploration and problem solving. We solved the leaves problem by using a stick to move them out the way. We then found other surfaces that we could search more easily like a field and a path. I keep the print off in my bag so that on the days we do spot interesting poo’s it’s really easy to whip it out and identify the culprit!

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