Water Lemon Money

I first saw this in a cafe as a tip jar. The game is to balance a coin on a floating lemon. All the children going passed the till seemed to really enjoy it and so when we had a lemon in the house next I gave it a try.

What you’ll need

  • A lemon
  • A largish bowl
  • A jar of coins


  1. Fill the bowl up with water
  2. Float the lemon inside the bowl
  3. Ask your little one to try and balance the coins on top of the lemon
  4. Be patient and keep practising – it is possible!
  5. … extra points for finding a way to keep the lemon still


Water Lemon Money is great for developing Thinking skills. One of the key parts of being able to think is being able to concentrate and stay focused on a task.

For this task we had to practice keeping calm, and practice concentrating, until we could do it. There is a bit of problem solving too once we realised that we could pile the money under the lemon to keep it still.

We’ve called it Water Lemon Money but I think there’s alternative versions out there. We had a go with a used lime too, also works!


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