Browsing a Bookshelf

I found this activity in Michael Rosen’s book Good Ideas. He makes the point that learning isn’t just about memorising facts, its also about knowing where to find the information that you need. We live in a world packed full of information. Being able to quickly sort through it is important. 

What you’ll need

  • A book shelf (We chose the one in Prestwich library, but any library or home bookshelf or book shop will do)
  • Spare time


  1. Ask your child if they would like to choose a book
  2. Sit back and relax
  3. When your child shows you their book maybe ask them what they noticed about the book the helped make their choice.
  4. Read the book
  5. Repeat


I think that browsing is a great way to develop the skills we need to invent and create. One of the things I find hard about being creative is thinking of more than one solution. I am immediately invested in my first idea but it isn’t always what’s best. When we are browsing we could go with the first option we see, or we could keep going, keep looking, find the best answer. Learning to keep looking is something I plan to practice over and over again and hopefully it’ll lead to great brainstorming skills.

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